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Shape Your Future


Whether you are planning for long-term financial security for your family, establishing guardianship for your children, or supporting a charity near and dear to your heart, Atallah Law Group is here to help you create an estate plan tailored to fit your needs.  Without a proper estate plan in place, your estate is subject to probate – a process that is public in nature, costly, and time consuming.  Having a proper estate plan allows you to plan for yourself and your loved ones upon your death or incapacity without giving up control of your assets. The ultimate goal is to create a stress-free plan that keeps your affairs private and protects your assets from excessive taxes and costs, while ensuring the timely passing of your assets to the persons of your choosing.


What is included in a proper estate plan will vary person by person, and Atallah Law Group will meet with you to understand your estate, it's anticipated increase in value over time, and your goals for the future.  We will also work with your financial, tax, and other advisors to ensure we are creating a comprehensive plan for you and your family.

Get in touch with us today to gain peace of mind that you had a part in shaping your future and protecting the assets that you worked so hard to acquire.

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